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2023 Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI)



The Emerging Leaders Institute is designed to provide professional development for individuals interested in leadership roles in the State/District Associations and the Virginia Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (VAEOPP). Further, it provides an opportunity for persons who have an interest in developing their personal and professional leadership skills to become involved in committee services as members and/or committee chair as well as preparation to hold office at the state/district, regional, and national levels.

Application Procedures

Individuals interested in participating in the VAEOPP Emerging Leaders Institute must submit a completed application. In addition, each applicant must have a supporting nomination form completed by their program director or direct supervisor in order to be reviewed by the selection committee. Directors should put forth an effort to ensure that nominees will be available to attend the ELI training sessions and fulfill their responsibilities.



Selection Criteria

The ELI nominee must:

  1. Be willing to make a commitment to attend the following ELI training and activities:

    • October 1-2, 2022 (required): ELI Orientation & TRIO Advocacy

    • October 2-5 2022 (required): VAEOPP Annual Conference

    • November 2022 to March 2023: Mentorship and ELI Cohort Project

    • March 2023 (optional): COE Walk the Hill Advocacy Day

  2. Hold active professional membership in VAEOPP.

  3. Demonstrate interest in assuming leadership roles in the State and/or Regional Associations.

  4. Have a desire for ELI training opportunities.

  5. Support the goals and objectives of Federal TRIO Programs VAEOPP, and COE.

ELI Training Expenses

VAEOPP will cover the expenses for a 1-night hotel stay, (3) meals, and hotel parking during the October 2022 training and March 2023 Advocacy Day.

If you have any questions, please email

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